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Starting the end of the line on organic coffee - here are some gorgeous ones for this year - click on any of the products down the page to get more info.

Here is the latest and greatest in organic coffee beans - in online mag form that is. Easy to peruse, helpful info: View my Flipboard Magazine. New updates for 2016 - Which organic coffee beans are the best? There are an increasing number available that can easily be purchased online. Here is a roundup of [...]

3 Organic Coffee Beans that Provide a Natural Energy Boost – Oh Goody! thumbnail

From our new blog, "Oh Goody!" -- Here is info specifically on organic coffees with a natural energy boost. Yay! :) I recently took an interest on where my coffee beans came from, which led me to the fact that most instant coffees are packed with additives. I prefer natural, and grind-your-own is the way [...]

Organic Coffee Beans – Where Can They Be Found Online? thumbnail

Aside from information strictly on the types and recommendations for organic coffee beans, there is also the subject of where to buy them! :) Here is an article to point you in the right direction:

2016 Best Organic Coffee Beans – List of Top Reviewed Whole Bean Organic Coffees thumbnail

Yay for 2016 updates! We're on a roll and having some fun now. :) Here is an updated Storify "story" all about organic coffee beans with a couple of lists right there on the page: [View the story "Best Organic Coffee Beans - Top List and Reviews for 2016" on Storify] For those discriminating coffee [...]

Best Organic Coffee Beans 2016 Update @ Pinterest thumbnail

OK, we have officially (sort of) updated our Pinterest board to provide current info on this year's top picks in organic coffee beans... Follow Goody For Me's board Best Organic Coffee Beans 2016 on Pinterest. For all (of us) "coffee snobs" who enjoy only the best and appreciate the difference that organic beans can make, [...]

Best Organic Coffee Beans – 2016 Top 5 List – YouTube thumbnail

Rolling out the 2016 organic coffee lineup - here is a short video with a "5 best of" list:

The Best List – 2016 Organic Coffee Beans Top Reviews thumbnail

I have referred to a similar list last year - now here it is updated for 2016: The "best of" organic whole coffee beans this year:

While I have included various articles and info on roasting beans, here is a video that can give a visual on it:

Sometimes roasting by hand is JUST the way to go. Get yourself some green coffee beans, roast away and enjoy an amazing flavor. :) Here is a tip on roasting that I thought I would never see... “Little campfires, rapidly increasing to hundreds in number, would shoot up along the hills and plains and, as [...]