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chocolate truffle board on pinterest

Here is the "Goody for Me" collection of tips, recipes and chocolate truffle gifts for 2015. Mmmmmmmm. :) Follow Goody For Me's board Best Gourmet Chocolate Truffles 2015 on Pinterest. Two effects might be created when considering what might be the "best of" chocolate truffles... One might think of: a) A gourmet cooking challenge or [...]

Various gourmet chocolate truffles

Here is a can't-miss list that any gourmet chocolate aficionado would love - plus some other lists to consult, reviews and tips: Whether you are searching for gifts for friends, family or work, gourmet chocolate truffles are usually a "can't miss" hit. Here are this year's yummiest chocolate truffles - or at least the ones [...]

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I am looking forward to trying some of the chocolate truffles on this list - here is a YouTube video lining up some great gourmet chocolate truffles for 2015:

For those who might be "dipping into" guilt a bit - or perhaps even wallowing in it, here is a resource that gives info on the health benefits of chocolate. Something to keep in mind while indulging in your gourmet chocolate truffles: Examining the Properties of Chocolate and Cacao for Health. Source: Source: US department [...]

While I myself am far from being a gourmet - and frankly - don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, I recognize that I am probably outnumbered by those who would love to make these. Vegan! And yes, they're chocolate truffles: 10 minutes indulging in a little chocolate messiness, then these decedent [...]

Make your own truffles? Mmmmmmm. Well, for those who have the time and creative juices to do it, here is what looks like a wonderful recipe using Ghirardelli chocolate: Recipe by: Ghirardelli®"These impressive candies are so easy to make, and are a stunning addition to a dessert tray." Find the recipe here: Source: Ghirardelli® Dark [...]