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Jelly Belly Star Wars jelly bean machine

The force is strong with jelly bean gifts this year, Luke! (Sorry - lol.) I simply couldn't resist adding this jelly bean machine to the top of the "best of" gifts this year - with the new Star Wars movie being released and all this year. :) "That’s no moon, it’s a Jelly Belly STAR [...]

Jelly Belly gift box

Probably the most popular jelly bean gift for 2015 is this one. There are various amounts (some gift boxes have fewer flavors), but the 50-flavor box includes all of the "official" beans from the Jelly Belly company. Sure to bring smiles... "Our BEANORMOUS Jelly Belly 50-Flavor Gift Box features every bean in our Official 50 [...]

Jelly Belly gift card

Okay, well maybe it is the "easy way out" to get a gift card - but sometimes it's absolutely the best idea! After all, what jelly bean lover wouldn't love browsing and picking their own gift on the Jelly Belly site! "A Jelly Belly Gift Card makes a convenient and fun last-minute gift for any [...]

Beanboozled gift box

This is the 3rd edition of the "Beanboozled" spinner game. If you've had your ear to the ground in jelly bean world these days, you will know that the Jelly Belly company has released quite a number of - um - well, yucky flavors. On purpose - yep, you heard me right. :) Here is [...]

Best Jelly Bean Gifts – Ideas in Gifts for Jelly Bean Lovers on Flipboard

Here is a fun flip-thru online mag - some great gift-giving ideas for those folks who have a jelly bean passion: Updated for 2015 and into 2016 - which gifts could you buy for a jelly bean fan? Jelly beans? Maybe. But there are a lot of fun and creative ideas -- here are the [...]

happy jelly beans waving

A fast and fun-to-navigate top 5 list - check out the slideshow below, and click on any of the slides for more info on each gift and/or idea for this year: https://storify.com/TonyaB/5-best-jelly-bean-gift-ideas-top-gifts-to-buy-for- Most people I know like jelly beans - but what of those out there who go "gonzos" over 'em? There are most of [...]

Best Jelly Bean Gift Ideas 2015 – Pinterest — Goody For Me

For those unique gift-givers searching about for the perfect gift for a jelly bean lover, here are some wonderful ideas: Know someone who goes "beans-o" over jelly beans? Here are some wonderful gift-giving ideas for the holidays or other times of year...

YT Video Play Button

Here is a video "shortie" on YouTube - a lineup of 5 jelly bean gift ideas for this year.

Listly Jelly Bean Gifts Header image

Here is a group of wonderful picks in jelly bean lover gift ideas. Also, a video and some other interesting articles to get super-creative. Fun! :) For those jelly bean aficionados among us - what would they love for a Christmas or birthday gift? Well - I have come up with some great gift-giving ideas [...]

If you are having a birthday party for a young jelly bean lover, here is a fun page with games to add into the activities. :) Line children up in a single file. One at a time, ask each child to close their eyes and put a jelly bean in their mouth. See if they [...]