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Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift Box with Acacia Board

And - the final item that I am listing is from my all-time favorite maker of meats, cheeses, fab gift baskets - Harry and David. The Ultimate Meat and Cheese Gift box includes two kinds of meats, a few delicious types of cheeses, crackers and even nuts.  Nice little cutting board to go along with it [...]

Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Box – Hickory Farms

If you are a fan of Hickory Farms, this is the biggest-seller for meat and cheese gifts and it would be a great pick for someone during the holidays, or just a fun little gift to yourself.  :) It comes with the famous smoked sausage that Hickory Farms creates, and 3 different cheeses plus a [...]

Meat and Cheese Lovers Basket with Smoked Salmon

Hard to resist for the meat connoisseur who also loves salmon! This basket was picked due to the number of sales and positive reviews it has received - and it seems to deserve it nicely!  Packed by hand - A fun, rustic "country-ish" look to it, with lots of food (it appears), in a wooden basket [...]

Movie curtains and play button

Here is our "top 5" vid - summing up our best meat and cheese gift basket and box ideas for 2015. :)

Best Meat and Cheese Christmas Gifts – Top 5 Picks for 2015  – Storify

Looking good on some more meat and cheese gift ideas. There are some very highly rated boxes and baskets from well-known and highly rated names. Also some more ideas for those who would like to look further... [View the story "Best Meat and Cheese Christmas Gifts - Top 5 Picks for 2015" on Storify] With [...]

Best Meat and Cheese Gift Ideas Pinterest

Here is a "yummy" board on Pinterest, just for the subject of gift baskets with meat and cheese. Nice home-made ideas, also some online resources to buy them - gourmet style. :) When searching for a gift that will be much loved and appreciated - greeted with plenty of "Mmmmm's" and "Ooooh's and ahhhh's," there [...]

Harry and David meat and cheese gift image

Here is a resource that has come available for the holiday season of 2015 - a list (and other resources) with some wonderful ideas along the lines of meat and cheese gift baskets, boxes, etc...

Another DIY resource for foodies wanting to put together their own gifts this year, from one of my "fave" resources, HGTV: Get creative with gift baskets this holiday season by creating personalized food-themed bundles for every person in your life... Read the full article here: Source: Christmas Gift Baskets | Easy Crafts and Homemade Decorating [...]

Thinking of putting together your own meat and cheese gift basket? Here is a handy resource to help with the gift basket end of things: Making gourmet gift baskets is no simple task. Sure, sure, we make it look easy, but don’t be deceived by appearances. It takes extensive research, hours of time, and loads [...]

For those creating their own meat and cheese gifts - or for those interested in knowing how to put together the best meat and cheese trays and gifts - here is a great article to check out: Pairing cured meat and cheese isn't that hard, but get the most out of your pairing, it helps [...]