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If you have decided to go the DIY route on corporate wine gift-giving, hey - it helps to know which kinds of foods to include - right? Here is an article on that very subject:

I agree wholeheartedly with the introductory paragraph here - it pretty much sums up why coordinated baskets make perfect gifts and why. :) Within this article, there is a very helpful section on wine baskets - for corporate or any gift-giving.

Here is a helpful article on DIY wine gift baskets -- but to be honest, the very beginning of the article is my favorite part. :) “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of good wine.” – Aquinas, St. Thomas… Now, is that a quote for moms, or what? How many days [...]

Best of Gourmet Corporate Gifts – Holiday Chocolate Gift Baskets on Flipboard

A "lookin' good" Flipboard mag - complete with some wonderful gift-giving ideas in chocolate gift baskets for clients and employees. (Updated for the 2015 Christmas holiday season.) On the lookout for some beautiful corporate gift baskets with chocolate? Here are what I have found to be this year's top-selling and most highly rated picks - [...]

Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets – Best Reviewed Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for 2015 300px

If you're on the hunt for highly-rated corporate chocolate gift baskets, have I got a list for you! Here are "sure-fire" hits - the ones that will make just about anyone swoon: [View the story "Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets - Best Reviewed Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for 2015" on Storify] For this Christmas gift-giving season, which [...]

Best Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets 2015 – Pinterest

Yay! Here are some wonderful ideas for chocolate gift baskets for clients, employees and the folks that you work with - on Pinterest: Follow Goody For Me's board Best Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets 2015 on Pinterest. Corporate gift giving doesn't need to be difficult - especially when chocolate lovers are involved! From all the gourmet [...]

Chocolate candy closeup

Some great DIY ideas here - also a list of some great picks in chocolate baskets for business gift-giving this year:

Movie curtains and play button

Here is a video "short" - 41 seconds to be exact. In that 41 seconds, there is a nice list of ideas - 5 to be exact - of some top picks in chocolate gift baskets that work quite nicely for corporate gift-giving. :)

Here is another page that I recommend for those do-it-yourselfers out there - if you're considering the idea of putting together some gift baskets, this article could help to jog some ideas around. (Not specifically about chocolate baskets, but helpful for getting some design ideas.) Our favorite baked goods, gift plants, DIY gift baskets, wrapping, [...]

If you are looking into DIY gift baskets with chocolate, and you're wondering about some ideas on which aadditional foods go well with the sweets, here is an article for you. "If you're a chocoholic (and what red-blooded American woman isn't?), you know the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with your favorite flavors. [...]