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Summer Sausage and Cheese Gift Box – Hickory Farms

If you are a fan of Hickory Farms, this is the biggest-seller for meat and cheese gifts and it would be a great pick for someone during the holidays, or just a fun little gift to yourself.  🙂

It comes with the famous smoked sausage that Hickory Farms creates, and 3 different cheeses plus a couple of different (yummy) mustards — my mouth started watering just looking at and thinking about this collection!  Good reviews too!

Figi’s Savory Snackin’ Meats and Cheeses Collection

Guests on the way? When you’ve got the Savory Snackin’ Collection on hand, you’ll be ready to put out a spread fit for a king! Each is packed with a variety of tastebud-tempting goodies, ready to eat. Keep it on hand for your office party.

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