2017 Best Belgian Chocolate Candies and Gifts

I have, in the past, heard the term, “Belgian chocolate,” and have heard that it was good – but until recently had not discovered what exactly makes it so special.

What exactly is Belgian chocolate? Well, by definition, it is chocolate that is produced in Belgium. Interesting fact:  They have been producing their chocolate since the early 1600’s – which partially answers the question, “Why is it so well known as one of the finer sweets?” No lack of experience there!

Also, I discovered that Belgium has strict standards it has adhered to for more than 100 years when it comes to chocolate-making – and with some of the more unique brands, they are not giving up their recipe secrets.

All told, Belgian chocolate is made with a rather exclusive standard which us chocolate lovers are not going to argue with.

What’s here: On this page is a top 5 list of the best Belgian chocolates of 2017. Included in the list are both what could be considered “everyday” candy, and other items are also great gift ideas. The list is ranked from #1 to #5, and is based on which are the most popular, then filtered by those chocolates that are getting the best ratings.

For shoppers: For each of the items listed on this page, one or more online merchants has been recommended as the best places to buy it online. Merchants are chosen based on their trusted reputation, low pricing and product availability. Links to customer reviews are also provided here, where possible.

1. Leonidas Assorted Belgian Chocolates

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb General Assortment
Price: $44.00
1 new from $44.000 used
  • Our most popular assortment
  • In Leonidas' signature gift wrap assorted fillings in ivory, milk and dark chocolate coverings
  • Approximately 28 Pieces
  • Net weight 1 lb
  • Contains- milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat & soy.

First on our list of the top 5 Belgian chocolates of 2017 is from Leonidas.

These beautiful Belgian chocolates are handcrafted, then perfectly wrapped within a signature Leonidas gift box.

There are 28 candies per box, each with either ivory, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate exteriors.

If you want to save a few, freeze them—they will last for up to a year when frozen.

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2. Neuhaus Belgian Dark Chocolate Collection

Neuhaus Chocolate Dark Collection, 25 Assortment Pieces, 9.28 oz
Price: $38.96
3 new from $38.960 used
  • 25pc assortment of dark Belgium Chocolate
  • Elegant Packaging ready to be gifted
  • Alchol free
  • Product of Belgium

And one for the “dark” lovers among us – Neuhaus Belgian Dark Chocolate Collection comes in second on our best-of list for 2017.

The Neuhaus brand is famous for dark Belgian chocolates, each more decadent and luxurious than the last.

This gift box contains 25 dark chocolate pieces, with decorative, beautiful designs on top.

The insides are filled with fresh, flavorful butter creams.

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3. Guylian Artisinal Belgian Chocolate Truffles

Guylian Belgium Chocolates 22 Piece Artisinal Seashell Truffles, Hazelnut Filling, 8.8 Ounce
Price: $12.20
10 new from $11.300 used
  • Artisanal Belgium chocolate
  • delicious and healthy
  • Tastes Great

A repeated popular name comes up as third among the best Belgian chocolates this year – Guylian Artisinal Truffles.

Guylian, a well-known Belgian chocolatier, is famous for making artisanal truffles. These are beautifully handcrafted to resemble seashells, seahorses, and all things gorgeous and nautical.

The truffle interiors are creamy hazelnut.

I, personally, love the swirls and dark chocolate shells.

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4. Trader Joe’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars

Trader Joe's Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars, 1.75 oz (2 Packs of 3)
Price: $11.47
7 new from $5.970 used
  • Two 3-packs of 1.75 oz bars (total of 6 bars)
  • Imported 33% Cacao Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Being a Trader Joe’s fan, I will make a point of stopping to pick up one of these – here is the Trader Joe’s Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar.

These chocolate bars ars are decadent, delicious, and affordable, and online they come in packs of 2 with 3 bars.

The chocolates are 33-percent cocoa with luxurious melt-in-your-mouth consistencies that make them the perfect dessert.

Great to share!

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5. Cote d’Or Premium Milk Belgian Chocolate Bar

Cote d'Or - Milk Chocolate (33% cacao) (Premium Belgium Chocolate) (5.3 Oz.) [PACK OF 3]
Price: $32.99
1 new from $32.990 used
  • Cote d'Or - Milk Chocolate (33% cacao) (Premium Belgium Chocolate) (5.3 Oz.) [PACK OF 3]
  • PACK OF 3

As our final pick of the five best Belgian chocolates of 2017, here is one from Cote d’Or.

These premium Belgian chocolate bars are pure bliss for chocolate lovers.

Available in a 3 pack, they are separated into snap-off sections—perfect for sharing or eating a little at a time.

These also do well in the freezer.

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Update note: This page was modified to reflect current information on 07/29/17.

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