2017 Best Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee has become quite trendy over the past few years, but we think that it is much more than a trend – cold brew is here to stay.

Given the rich, flavorful taste and low-acid properties of the “chilly brew,” this version of coffee is truly the way to go – especially when you love drinking it more than a bit on the cold side.

We decided to dig up which cold brew coffees were the best, and on this page is what we came up with.

What’s here: On this page is a list of the 5 best cold-brew coffees for 2017. The list is based first on which ones people are buying the most, then sorted by which of those are getting the best ratings and reviews. These are the coffees that people are currently raving about the most.

For shoppers: For each of the coffees listed on this page, one or more resources are found and recommended as the best places to buy it online. Our merchants are chosen based on which have the most product availability, the lowest prices and have trusted reputations as safe and convenient stores to shop from. We have included links to reviews on each list item as well, as they are available.

1. Starbucks Narino 70 Cold Brew Coffee

Starbucks Narino 70 Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs - 4 Packs -Makes (12) 8 fl oz Servings
Price: --
3 new from $39.990 used
  • Enjoy cold brew iced coffee at home
  • This purchase includes four pitcher packs, which together make twelve 8 fl oz servings.
  • Blend of 100% arabica Latin American and African ground coffees
  • Smooth & Refreshing

Our first pick among this year’s top 5 cold brew coffees is from Starbucks.

I love the rustic look of this awesome cold brew in a box.

The grounds are a mash-up of Arabica and African coffees, both rich, full-bodied, and packed with natural flavors.

The four-pitcher packs make 12 8-ounce cups of coffee.

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2. Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Press Elixir Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee Organic Cold Press Elixir - Cold Brew Coffee, Ground, 16 Ounce
Price: $13.32
4 new from $13.320 used
  • 1 - 1 lb. bag of Cold Press Elixir - Cold Brew Coffee
  • 100% Arabica & Organic coffee beans.
  • Craft Roasted in our vintage 90 kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, delivering perfectly roasted coffee every time.
  • Carbon negative and earth positive. Funding reforestation in Ecuador's cloud forests.
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, silky richness with subtle bright fruit and floral tones infused in a cocoa like body.

Loving the second among the 2017 best cold brew coffees – Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Press Elixir.

Specifically for delicious cold-pressed brews, Carbon Negative Coffee is a blend of Arabica and Organic grounds, which is a mix of light and dark roasts.

The beans are roasted within carbon-negative, fuel-efficient ribbon burners, so not only is your cold brew scrumptious, but it’s earth-friendly.

Proceeds go towards Ecuador reforestation.

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3. Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, 16oz
Price: $9.99
3 new from $9.990 used
  • Cappio Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate
  • No Caloire
  • Shelf Stable
  • Low Acid
  • Serve hot or iced for a superb coffee experience
  • Ingredients; Triple Filtered water and 100% Arabica coffee

Easy peasy! Cappio Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate also makes it to our top 5 “best of” list for 2017.

Cappio is a cold brew concentrate, so you can simply mix and pour over ice for a delicious iced coffee that wakes you up in the a.m.

No calories, low bitterness, low acid, and a touch of natural sweetness from Arabica beans.

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4. Grady’s New Orleans Style Cold Brew Coffee

Grady's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Cold Brew Kit (Pack of 12)
Price: $28.99
3 new from $28.990 used
  • Super easy Brew-It-Yourself cold brew coffee
  • Each Pour And Store Pouch makes 36 cups of cold brew/iced coffee
  • Cold Brew your coffee right in the refrigerator
  • Just add water - Brew directly in Pour And Store Pouch
  • Famous Grady's New Orleans-style flavor

Hitting the fourth spot among this year’s top cold-brews is Grady’s New Orleans Style.

The Cold Brew Kit is pre-made coffee in 12 bags, which makes 36 8-ounce cups of scrumptious coffee.

The pouch features a spigot for easier, convenient pours into a cup of ice.

No special coffee machines required. Just add water.

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5. Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve Coffee

Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Colombian Single Origin Coarsely Ground Coffee - 1 lb. Bag - Dark Roast
Price: --
0 new0 used
  • 1 LB RESEALABLE BAG: Please note actual bag may be hand-stamped with Black/White Logo instead of printed orange logo as shown in image. Same quality coffee inside!
  • COLD BREW RESERVE: Artfully crafted to make delicious cold/iced coffee. Cold brew requires special attention to the bean's origin & quality, grind size, & roast level.
  • TASTE PROFILE: Low acidity, slightly sweet, smooth, well balanced, & bold coffee flavor.
  • COFFEE ORIGIN: 100% Arabica - Single Origin Colombian Supremo (only the best!)
  • ROAST LEVEL: Dark Roast GRIND LEVEL: Coarse

Marking our final pick among the 2017 top 5 cold brew coffees is one from Stone Street.

Classic for traditional coffee brewers, the Cold Brew Reserve is a coarse ground dark roast, made 100-percent supreme Colombian beans.

The tastes are mellow with low acids and a natural balance of subtle sweetness and nature-made bitterness.

Makes 36 cuppas.

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Update note: This page was modified to reflect current information on 08/03/17.

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