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Chocolate dipped strawberryOK – so who doesn’t have a passion for goodies?  Everyone has their own personal favorite “no-no” treats, candies and snacks that they love to indulge in — no matter where their tastes may lie.

With that in mind, and with the event of finding so many wonderful, indulgent and “luxurious” treats available online these days, I have created a site with information on which goodies are producing the “ooh and ahh” effect the most often – plus some helpful tips on where they can be purchased inexpensively, safely and easily online.

So – come on in!  Get those taste buds revved up, and get ready to say, “Mmmmmmmmm – OMIGODTHATISSOGOOD!!!!”  Find the goodies that you love – and that you will be hiding from others in the far depths of your closet so that others can’t get to them.  🙂

More “About” Stuff:

Tonya Face Closeup PolaroidMy name is Tonya – I have been working online for several years now – researching various categories of products, writing about them and providing resources for consumers to find the “best of the best.”

While I am a strong advocate of good nutrition and its relationship to physical health, I also have my favorite indulgent treats – the ones that I probably shouldn’t eat – but when consumed occasionally they bring a smile to my face, which I consider to have enormous “health value” in itself.

Just the other day I tweaked on the idea that it would be great fun (and possibly dangerous) to research which candies, chocolates, snacks and otherwise treats are truly the best, and provide a resource right here to share the information with the general public – that’s you if you are reading this page.  🙂

Thank you for coming to visit, and I hope that you find this site useful for your own indulgent, yummy goodness needs!


Feel free to send any questions, comments or suggestions to us!  Click here to send us an email through our contact page.

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